• You are the only person having an eye test in the practice at any one time.


  • Only one person, the optometrist, will take you through the process of your eye test​


  •  A remote refracting unit, called a digital phoropter, will be used to check your prescription.  This allows the optometrist to assess your spectacle prescription from more than 2 meters *


  • Digital cameras and OCT will be used to capture images of your eyes quickly to limit the time spent looking in your eyes


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The optometrist will be wearing the required PPE

Mask wearing by patients continues to remain a requirement in most healthcare settings (as of 1st May 2022)


Don't worry if you have forgotten your mask as we will happily provide one for you.

Masks with external valves are not permitted

How are we keeping you safe? 

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  • Windows in the practice are kept open during the day.


  • The consulting room will also have it’s windows open during your eye test to ensure good ventilation.

Open Window
Sanitizing Products

Infection control


  • Everything you, and the optometrist, will come in to contact with will be disinfected​​




  • Trying on frames is very much as normal, with the exception that ALL frames are disinfected beforehand.

  • Once you have tried a frame, please place it in one of the trays provided for disinfection.

  • Each frame will be disinfected BEFORE going back on display

  • We will give you as much help as you like - we will always be guided by you

 * The only exceptions to this are circumstances where your prescription may be better assessed using a traditional trial frame – the reasons are usually very strong prescriptions, high astigmatism, an abnormal head/neck posture and young children.