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The information below in blue is sourced from Johnson & Johnson Vision 

Contact lenses can be worn safely while preventing potential contamination by following proper contact lens care instructions given by your optician, which include thoroughly washing, cleaning, and drying your hands prior to handling contact lenses. Detailed information on this can be found on the cleaning & care links below.


Whether you use daily disposable or reusable contact lenses, keeping up with proper hygiene when handling your contact lenses is as important as it has ever been. As always, wash your hands with antibacterial soap and hot water, then dry your hands before putting on or taking off your contact lenses.

Please also read our other advice on contact lenses.


It is recommended to wear glasses instead of contact lenses until you get better, as your eyes may feel more uncomfortable than normal and you might be sleeping more which is not recommended to be done while wearing contact lenses. If you wear daily disposable lenses, continue disposing of them after each use as you would normally. If you wear reusable contact lenses, it is always recommended to start with a fresh pair after your illness to ensure any microbes do not remain on your lenses.

Additional information from the BCLA in red.  The British Contact Lens Association (BCLA) says there is no evidence to date that contact lens wear should be avoided by healthy individuals, or that contact lens wearers are more at risk for a coronavirus infection compared to those wearing spectacles. There is currently no evidence to suggest any correlation between the usage of contact lenses and the spread of Covid-19 or a coronavirus infection related to contact lens use. 

Information correct at time of publishing 11am GMT 13.03.20. 

Click here for source: BCLA

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