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We remain very competitive across all of our frames and lenses and we will be guided by your budget, needs and fashion choice.  We have a wide selection of frames and lens prices to suit all budgets.  We also offer second pair discounts and run promotions on various upgrades such as Transitions and higher index materials.  We also have open days for particular designers.


Quality frames:  Whether you are looking for a designer name or simply a good quality frame we will help you to select the most suitable frame for you.  While the quality of the products we supply is our top priority the amount you should pay for something that is going to take pride of place on the end of your nose every day is well worth some consideration.  Spending that little bit extra may be worthwhile after all.  When buying a frame we will help guide you by taking into account four equally important factors:


When our frame suppliers come to see us we take great care and time in choosing the frames to stock.  We would like you to do the same…relax and enjoy the experience of choosing your new glasses.


  1. Optical - We will interpret your prescription and help you to find frames that will be most suitable for your lenses, your occupation and individual optical visual requirements.  This is very important as a beautiful, well-fitting frame with either too a thick lens or too small a visual area for your prescription will be of no use to you.


  2. Frame fit – Your frame must fit your face both in terms of comfort and stability.  Most frames can be adjusted to you, but some will not be suitable with any adjustment and must be avoided.  The bridge of your nose and your ears will bear the weight of the frame so these parts of the frame will be considered carefully to ensure the best fit possible.  Choosing a style where the lower edge of your frame clears your cheeks and can’t rub or irritate your skin is also important.


  3. Frame material – if you suffer from skin allergies the choice of frame material can be very important – titanium, stainless steel and nickel free are all good options.  If you need something harder wearing, Flexon frames, some of the world’s most flexible metal frames, are a good choice.


  4. Fashion – this is of course a very personal, but we will always be nearby to offer as much or as little help you feel you need.


  • Frames can be used to both enhance your best facial characteristics and conceal others.


  • Your hair, skin colour and general fashion colour preference will all be important in choosing the right frame for you.


  • We have a wide range of quality non-designer and designer frames such as RayBan, Armani, Tom Ford, Vogue, Jaguar, Jaeger, Jaeger London, Elle, Guess, Gant, Brendel, Joop and Bolle.

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