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Refractive Surgery 

Cataract Surgery

When considering elective surgery on your eyes, it is important to give careful thought to your suitability, the surgical options available, the equipment that may be used, and of course the surgeon. 

Your suitability:  There are many more surgical options available than there were even 10 years ago.  However, some eye conditions may either preclude you from refractive surgery or increase the risks of surgery - a thorough history taking and careful examination will help to identify any relevant conditions


Surgical options: PRK, LASIK, LASEK, SMILE, Presbyond, implantable contact lenses, clear lens extraction, multifocal IOLs and toric IOLs are the most common procedures.  Some techniques have been around for many years (E.g. PRK) and some are quiet new (E.g. SMILE).  The surgeon will discuss the options suitable to your eyes, your lifestyle, your expectations and advise on the risks and benefits in each case.  To aid this, up-to-date equipment will be important to ensure the best possible outcome.

The surgeon: We can make a referral to a surgeon of your choice or we can recommend a surgeon to you.  We have made many referrals to Mr Anandan over the years and can recommend him without hesitation.  He is a highly experienced consultant eye surgeon and is eminently regarded in the specialties of corneal surgery and lens implants.  Beyond that, it is important your surgeon is patient, open and able to answers your questions.  It is also comforting to have continuity of care with the surgeon taking you through the journey of the pre-op consultation, the procedure and post-op care.  With Mr Anandan we know you will be well looked after both in terms of his skill and his approachable manner.

A link to his website is provided below which we hope you will find helpful.


How can I find out if a laser eye surgery clinic is reputable?

Laser refractive surgery is carried out by ophthalmologists (eye surgeons) who are regulated by the General Medical Council (GMC). You can check if an ophthalmologist is registered on the GMC website.

More information about laser refractive surgery is available on the Royal College of Ophthalmologists website.


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